The Idea

Tellers without Borders is a growing network of professional storytellers from different European countries and the Mideast.

Telling stories for people in need, in war zones as developmental aid, for comfort, healing and encouragement is at the heart of the initiative founded by storyteller Micaela Sauber.

So far Tellers without Borders have been active in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Haiti, Lebanon, Iraq, Gaza Strip/Palestine, Palestine/West Bank, in Germany and Austria. For in “peaceful” Europe are many people in need, too. Immigrants and refugees coming to Europe are often traumatized. Our network of storytellers addresses these people as well as seriously ill,
dying people and mourners. So many times we observed that traditional fairy tales and stories told by one human to another can be a key to people and give comfort, support and a sense of delight.

Methods and materials are taught to multipliers and others who live and work with children and adults in crisis areas and in critical conditions. Healing tales from around the world are collected, translated and published, and further training for storytellers are held regularly.

Tellers without Borders also aims to transform experiences into guiding ideas serving to find a solid base and reinvigoration of a humanistic and ethical understanding of oral storytelling.